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The “motivation vs goal focus” matrix


Typically, individuals are driven by extrinsic motivation (carrot& stick) and pursue their individual goals in teams. This is due to (i) traditional incentive systems logic (we didn't have Daniel Pink around yet) for individuals and (ii) absence of any good incentive to make teams work on an ad hoc basis (i.e. project per project), as individuals tend to rely on their "known", individual incentives. There are ways however to break trough this "stalemate", but you need to work on a tailored basis (e.g. not try to fix it once and for all, by finetuning the annual performance requirements). Measuring behavior (trough immediate feedback) is an important tool to make individuals and teams behave in this different, tailored way, project per project, and regardless of their existing, structural annual performance incentives.
Remind you however that it's quite a challenge to break trough the "stalemate" configuration of motivation and goal focus for individuals and teams. The rewards however are immense : more engagement, faster skill building, much more intelligence and creativity being put at work, more output with same resources, ... And given the ever increasing complexity and challenges facing businesses, it will most likely become one of the key competitive advantages going forward ...
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