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The importance of goal focus and motivation in change projects


When looking at teams that perform their "business as usual" tasks/ job, one can observe different possible ways of how people are individually motivated and what their goal focus is. On the left hand side in the below picture, you can see some examples of "business as usual" teams. buy strattera For change/ transformation projects, however, the picture looks entirely different.There is only 1 viable, sustainably succesful position possible in the motivation/ goal focus diagram. The reasons are better and better understood by now: (i) transformation projects are by nature more complex so REQUIRE (a minimum) of intrinsic motivation (Daniel Pink) and (ii) transformation projects require co-operation by nature as their scope always stretches beyond 1 single division and their goal always implies improved co-operation between multiple divisions. Hence the importance of really working on understanding individual motivation and goal focus as a key element in your transformation approach.حساب-الÙوركس businessasusalvschange webpage Cheers read more Bart
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